05.19 Emma announcement

Building technology companies has been my passion for more than a decade and I’ve always been fortunate to work with extraordinary people. For the past eight years, I’ve been working alongside equally passionate entrepreneurs, Tania Zapata and Alexander Torrenegra— co- founders of Voice123, Bunny Inc. and Torre. Together, we bootstrapped these companies, turning them into vibrant, multimillion-dollar businesses.

In 2018, however, the prospect of ongoing growth became an imperative. Following careful consideration and in-depth discussions with both mentors and advisors, we agreed on an action plan: to create a group holding that would not only manage the existing companies but also innovate and invest in others.

Today, I take great pride in announcing the creation of Emma, a group holding aimed at innovating and investing in platform opportunities. Our activities will encompass initial research phases, subsequent growth opportunities and ultimately, in optimizing and operating structured companies. It also gives me great pleasure to announce that I shall be leading these efforts as chief executive officer of the group. It’s no small honor.


The management team responsible for our current portfolio of companies has been with us for some time. Its members have shown themselves to be ideally suited to their respective roles; Rolf Veldman as CEO of Voice123Luisa Moscoso as CEO of Bunny Inc., and Alexander Torrenegra, who is also one of the group’s main shareholders, as CEO of Torre. Each of these businesses is a separate legal entity that will be able to function independently.

At Emma, we firmly believe we have every business advantage going forward and we base this belief on what we know is a proven track record.

Firstly, we’ve learned to build, develop, and nurture teams who share core expertise and beliefs. We have acquired strong financial, operational, product, and technical skills. We are agile without having to jeopardize our commitment to quality and professionalism. We breathe remote and have learned how to hire, onboard, lead, and scale these teams, regardless of where in the world they may be. We appreciate our successes and learn from our mistakes so that we consistently improve the way we work on each new project we undertake. We are confident in our ability to innovate and invest in teams that share our DNA.

Secondly, we’ve observed certain market trends that suggest our accumulated knowledge and expertise will soon be in high demand.

On the one hand, as the world becomes more and more interconnected and teams can work towards achieving a common goal regardless of their location, the distribution of wealth will remain fluid. In our own businesses, we’ve seen countries like India, to which services have long been outsourced, become buyers of services in both the UK and Germany.

On the other hand, we’ve been very attentive to changes in the wealth-creation paradigm; intangibles have become a far larger portion of overall GDP. As professor Jonathan Haskel observes in Capitalism without Capital: in today’s economy, intangibles dominate the value of the firm.

We believe we are at a turning point where the world’s markets will transition to economies dominated by intangibles. At Emma, it is our intention to position ourselves as a key player in that transition.

Today is just the beginning!