Hi! I am Santiago

Home office. 2020
Home office. 2020
Tokyo office. 2015
Tokyo office. 2015

Hey 👋. Thanks for stopping by. I am Santiago.

I've built three businesses. After college, I lived for five years out of one. After getting inside an acceleration program, I crashed my second company in less than a year. Since then, I've been consistently growing my third business for nine years. I've mentored a few startups during that time and recently started investing in them. I graduated in economics, although I tried philosophy and computer science before that. I've done a couple of postgraduate studies in India and the US. I've lived in Bogotá, Beijing, Tokyo, and San Francisco. I've been a tutor, a teacher, an analyst, a mover and, a barman for one night. I enjoy doing curry for my wife and carne al trapo for my friends. I practice Kalaripayattu a couple of days a week.


07.20 At Bunny Studio, we are running a 4-day-week pilot.
10.19 Productivity tip of the day: Getting the best from Slack
05.19 Emma announcement


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Working with me

A public list of expectations when working with me.

Working with me


  • Bunny Studio Bunny Studio is an end-to-end platform for on-demand creative services. We focus on well-defined, repeatable tasks and fulfill them via API or web to enable scalability with speed and quality.
    • [04.2020-Present] CEO
    • [04.2019-04.2020] Interim CEO
    • [2015-2018] COO
    • [2013-2015] CCO
    • [2012-2013] I solved problems. In the early days, I didn't have a role.

  • Talent Surfers [written-off] Talent Surfers was a marketplace connecting learners and teacher.
    • [2012] Cofounder & CEO

  • Smart Learning [written-off] Smart Learning was a marketplace connecting school students and college tutors.
    • [2009-2014] Cofounder & CEO

Board member

  • Voice123 [acq. by Backstage]
    • [04.2020 - 06.2021] Advisor
    • [01.2018 - 04.2020] Board member
    • [01.2014 - 01.2016] I solved a few problems here and there. I didn't have a role.


  • Paramo Partners In 2021, I organized with a couple of fellow entrepreneurs and built Paramo. A partnership to co-invest in seed-rounds targeting high potential entrepreneurs in Latam.
    • [03.2021 - Present] Founding Partner



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